Benoit + Bo “Toujours Bruxellois”

The French-Chinese duo Benoit et Bo are a true international collaboration, the fruit of two cultures. Benoit is French and Bo Chinese. Using their combined heritage, knowledge and world-views they create hybrid, contemporary visions. A mix of Asia and Europe, China and France. Benoit et Bo’s stage is the world: they met in Tianjin, lived in Paris, opened a studio in Shanghai and relocated to Brussels, where they’ve been living for two years now.

Benoit Bo Brussels

In their project “Toujours Bruxellois” Benoit et Bo view the city from various angles. “In the very beginning, Brussels merely represented a map for us, which we consulted because we weren’t familiar with the city at all. After that, we appropriated the city and sort of made our own version of it. Brussels for us was then a series of streets and neigborhoods through which we were strolling with curiosity and lots of joy to be a part of it all. We photographed the city and ourselves with our “Grosses Têtes” masks in papier-maché. Finally we started photographing Brussels’ inhabitants. We went to their houses and plunged into their private universes to photograph them with our ever-smiling masks. When the face is covered, the body can speak and fully reveal itself.”

Benoit Bo Brussels

This resulted into a series of photographs that are both urban and human, in very bright and lively colors. The masks are human as well as animal (e.g. monkey, pig) and are always smiling.  They’re inspired by Chinese folk culture, which adds an exotic and joyous touch to the photographs.

  • What: “Toujours Bruxellois” by Benoit & Bo
  • When: from 9 February to 26 March
  • Where:, Place Sainte-Catherine 44, 1000 Brussels
  • Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 18:00
  • More information:
  • Free entrance

Pictures by Benoit et Bo

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