BLOOMY BREAKFAST #10 Renato Custodio

Our curator Denis Maksimov (DM) sat for a traditional breakfast talk with June 2017 resident of the Penthouse – Renato Custodio, who developed in the residency an amazing open studio.

Denis Maksimov (DM): What are you working on / researching at the moment?

Renato Custodio (RC): I’m researching the relationship about brutalism architecture, photography and physical presence. How the sculptures become something else from these photographs, and how I can use mirrors in production of the artwork. I’m developing the intention behind mirrors, how we can remove it out from the wall and place in the new context. Also looking for spontaneity photography from my way.

DM: What is the next project you have in mind?

RC: In the last works I used 120mm / 6×6 format for my photography, expired films and cross processing. Now I turned to 35mm, black and white, and exploring new geometrical forms from my photography. I`m trying to create a sculptures in dialogue about nuances from the black to white or reverse. How deep can be the black and “how high” the white can climb. I am thinking about some independent publication (bookzines ofor example) with unpretentious photos.

DM: How did you find the time you spent here: what excited you the most and will motivate you to come again?

RC: Brussels in comparion with São Paulo it is very easy to move around. You can organize better your time and see and meet people easier. I really like the cosmopolitan atmosphere and also calmness of the city. The plurality about art scene is interesting, you have galleries and people from around the world with different perspectives.

DM: What art institutions/galleries/spaces in Brussels you find the most interesting to visit and why?

RC: I didn’t really go to many art spaces here, because weeks before came here I got a bit oversaturated while visiting a lot, I looked at Brussels as a calm moment of reflection. But I liked the gallery / zine store called STERPVT. They have good small publications, nice works and nice parties as well. Lavalèe is nice as well, they are doing new things every week and it’s awesome. You can see fresh works from all kind of contemporary arts. Crazy installations, performance and good electronic music on Fridays. Mendes Wood DM catch me because my friend Paulo has a really nice exhibition there, they have a great house and I enjoyed the opening.

DM: Do you have particular ideas for the future projects in Brussels after your residency in the Penthouse?

RC: I’m thinking about some projects with Les Interstices in the future. I’d like to do something in the public space with some sculpture from my new work. They are really nice and the concept is very close with a work I did in Brasil before.

DM: What would be the project you would love to realise if only you had unlimited resources?

DM: A collective exhibition after the research my friend is doing for a documentary. He did very good work, and is a true thinker – he thinks of vital a mix of different artists. Painter, musician, skateboarder, videomaker, photographers and some situationists. I’m very close with him since the beginning, and I feel it can be really nice exhibition and a great moment to share practices.

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