Our curator Denis Maksimov (DM) sat for a traditional breakfast talk with May 2017 resident of the Penthouse – mysterious GVN908, who developed in the residency multi-channel video installation BK0: Pandemonium for the public screens of Hotel BLOOM!, presented on the last day of May.

DM: What are you working on/researching at the moment? 

GVN908: At the moment I’m researching the potential of Zombies as model for a post-human distributed intelligence. I find fascinating how Zombies think of themselves geologically and how they happily succumb to the needs implanted by the entities possessing them. I’m especially interested in the value that the terms has in Haitian folklore; in these bodies who are tricked into believing they are dead, just to later being reanimated by imperialist obscure forces. It is important to note that in that culture the fear arise not from the zombie itself, but rather from the idea of being turned into a zombie, and a zombie is of course a slave, an entity with no free will, a corpse used by shadow powers to accomplish mechanical actions. Ultimately I’m interested in appropriating and contaminating this view with the work of Luciana Parisi and Timothy Morton, to try and think what would mean to think of ourselves as instruments rather than agents, and to understand how could we deal with the already happening zombification of our visceral bodies.

DM: What is the next project you have in mind? 

GVN908: I think I will be busy with this for the rest of the year, I’m developing as a multi-series film and video game so it is going to take a while to finish. In the upcoming months I am planning shootings in the Turin’s Museum of Human Anatomy and part in the Pionen data center in Stockholm.

GVN908. BK0: Pandemonium. Still image from the video. Courtesy of the artist

DM:How did you find the time you spent here: what excited you the most and will motivate you to come again?

GVN908: It was great to work in the hotel. I mean I love these kind of hotels. The slightly uncanny feeling of craziness they give you by being the safest and most normal places on earth. They do show you that there is no escape after all.

DM: What art institutions/galleries/spaces in Brussels you find the most interesting to visit and why?

GVN908: I’m not much of a gallery person, I’d rather spend my time on chat-rooms and similar, but there are some amazing spaces in Brussels I have to say. I’m amazed by the quantity and quality of exhibitions and the richness of the gallerie’s interiors. I also visited some more “old-school” institutions but have to say I was quite disappointed.

DM: Do you have particular ideas for the future projects in Brussels after your residency in the Penthouse?

GVN908: As I said I’m planning on continuing working more on the project I started during the residency, but I hope to get to know more the hacking scene in Brussels.

DM: What would be the project you would love to realize if only you had unlimited resources? 

GVN908: My dream would be to shoot a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would definitely spend all my budget on hiring him.


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