Boost Camp: power to female cineasts!

Since becoming a movie producer in 1989, Diana Elbaum has created a wide range of award-winning films. She’s known for Elle (2016), The Congress (2013) and Irina Palm (2007). “Entre Chien et Loup” is the name of Diana Elbaum’s production house in Brussels. The name refers to the “magic hour” when the fading light at dusk makes it difficult to distinguish a dog from a wolf. Elbaum originally set up the company to produce commercials and gradually moved into film production.

Although 50% of the students at film schools are femal, the movie industry is still very “male”. In 2016, only 2 Magritte film prizes were awarded to women and the year after just one. Moreover, the amount of nudity scenes in films has increased by 30% in the last 7 years, which is a clear sign that the movie industry is dominated by male cineasts. Diana Elbaum is more than determined to change this situation!

Diana Elbaum

“Tell me, how many people can name a female cineast out of the blue? It’s also striking that it takes much more time for female film producers to develop a motion picture. On top, they’re usually big perfectionists, which makes it even more difficult for them to survive in the harsh movie industry. This has to change and therefore I’ve established Boost Camp in order to give women the place they deserve in the movie industry. I want female film producers to get in touch with each other, talk to each other, inspire each other. It’s the only way to move things and make changes!” says Diana Elbaum.

Many enthusiastic partners have teamed up with Boost Camp such as the Council of Europe, luxury brand Delvaux and fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg (the “marraine” of Boost Camp). Hotel BLOOM is also proud to be a sponsor of Boost Camp by putting our services and accommodation at Elbaum’s disposal!

All these partners and sponsors have gathered more than 2 million euros to help women in the film industry to realize their dreams and ambitions. We wish Diane Elbaum and her Boost Camp a lot of success!

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