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No doubt you’re chatting a lot these days: Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat… But have you ever chatted with a hotel before? We’ve got some exciting news because you can now chat with Hotel BLOOM!

As you know, at Hotel BLOOM! we’re continuously striving to improve customer service. We want you to feel good about our hotel – before, during and after your stay. Your happiness is our biggest concern! So if you have a question for us, for example about our different room types or some good restaurants in the neighborhood, we aim to give you an accurate answer as fast as possible.

There’s no way denying that messaging apps have become increasingly popular the past years. Nowadays people are constantly on the move and always online. They expect that any kind of information is available when needed and they want quick answers to all their questions. This goes for all sectors and we’ve certainly also noticed it here at Hotel BLOOM! Therefore we’ve developed a friendly chatbot, which you can see as some kind of computer-programmed conversation partner.

In short, it means you can chat with us via Facebook Messenger. It’s a super easy way to have all your questions answered very fast!


Chat with Hotel BLOOM!

You can now chat with Hotel BLOOM!

To chat with Hotel BLOOM! all you have to do is open your Facebook Messenger app and search ‘Hotel BLOOM!’ in your contacts. You can also use the mobile link: 

And now you’re ready to start asking questions:

  • Is there a hairdryer in my room?
  • What about the parking facilities at Hotel BLOOM?
  • Which interesting events of festivals can I attend during my stay at Hotel BLOOM?
  • Do you have any recommendations for good restaurants or bars in the neighborhood?
  • Are there any special offers?

Our chatbot allows us to communicate with you much more efficiently and directly. You get an immediate answer to all your questions. We’re all ears for you and always ready to help. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? So go ahead, search ‘Hotel BLOOM!’ in your Facebook Messenger contacts and ask us everything you ever wanted to know about Hotel BLOOM! 🙂

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