10 tips for running effective meetings!

It’s never easy to run a productive meeting… But those tips will help you!

  • Email an agenda 24 hours in advance: before the meeting, prepare an agenda that will guide you and your attendees. This will also allow them to have the time to prepare their ideas!
  • Arrive early to check the materials: make sure everything is set-up, be sure that all your attendees will have enough paper, pens and all the materials they need.
  • State the purpose and the goals: if the meeting has a clear statement, the attendees will know exactly why they are here and they will be more able to reach their goals.
  • Start and end on time: if you respect your agenda it will happen! But if you don’t, your attendees will be distracted! If necessary, organize your agenda and dedicate enough time for each parts of your meeting.
  • Make some breaks: Breaks keep your attendees from getting bored and unfocused!

Picture from Pixabay.

  • Be positive & energetic: Open and/or close meetings with positive affirmations—people tend to remember the first and last things they hear. Make sure you put all the passion and emotion into your presentation! It will allow your attendees to be focus and awake.
  • Conclude with a summary: at the end of the meeting, be sure that everybody have the same notes and understood each points of the meeting so that there will not have misunderstanding or confusions.
  • Choose a different environment: in other words avoid big meetings at work! A fresh & new atmosphere will allow your attendees to increase their productivity! Make sure they are in a comfortable environment and you know what? Hotel BLOOM! got the perfect place to enjoy a perfect atmosphere.
  • Choose the right time: try to avoid Monday morning and Friday afternoon, because people are more likely to be distracted.
  • Get some feedback from your attendees: Feel free to solicit opinions from them: what they appreciated or not, if they have suggestions to improve the next meeting? They will appreciate your consideration for them!

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