Elise Péroi

Hotel BLOOM! has the pleasure to welcome French artist Elise Péroi. Elise is a very creative young textile designer who is living in Brussels. She recently exhibited during the 11th edition of the Brussels Fashion Days! 

We are proud that we may announce that this time she will be exhibiting her wonderful artwork at Hotel BLOOM! You can discover Elise’s beautiful creations from the 13th until the 30th of November in our SECRET ROOM!

Elise Péroi

Meet 20-something textile designer Elise Péroi

French Artist Elise Péroi studied in Brussels where she graduated as a laureate of her academy. Here’s the story behind her work:

Around an axis, everything is linked, criss-crossed, and stretches. My work arises and gathers momentum from this motto.

Originating in an ancient technique in which the act of making is as valuable as the end product, weaving is a way to express myself and to incorporate myself in today’s world. For me, it is an infinite work of ” fabric writing”.

Nature provides me with both the ideas and the materials for my creations.

My work feeds on many thoughts and readings that all lead to reflections on the richness of nature: Every element in nature is structured and connected so as to create perfect shapes and harmony.

My creations often lead me to other disciplines that are connected to weaving- drawing, painting, collaging, and welding- in order to build media tailored to my textile works.

Weaving enables the expression of the whole body. A sort of dance emerges from all the successive, interlaced movements that make up the act of weaving.

A wide territory; where all is linked, expands from the center of my expression; my wish is to explore and share.

Elise Péroi

Don’t miss her incredible work and visit the exhibition!

Practical information

When: From 13th-30th November

Where: Secret room @ Hotel BLOOM! 

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