Urban Therapy x Green Factory

“Go Green” in June – Expo by Urban Therapy

The new concept store in town: Urban Therapy will present a unique exhibition on our Meeting Lounge (+1 floor) during the entire month of June.

Among a large selection of infusions, tea, socks, jewelry or design objects Urban Therapy offers, in partnership with Green Factory, self-sufficient plant compositions, a sustainable alternative to flowers’ bouquet.

A green universe will be created to give inspiration to groups having meetings at Hotel BLOOM! this June.

Urban therapy (© Saskia Vanderstichele)

New Stylus Pens for Meetings

Made of paper craft, this 2-1 product is ecological and can be used for both usual writing and tablets or smartphones. Stylus pens will be available in all our meeting rooms as from June 2017.

Cadoetik, the platform via which we made the order, favors local suppliers in order to reduce the environmental footprint of their products and promote employment locally. Respect for human and the environment is the foundation of their approach.


Green initiatives at Hotel BLOOM!


  • Natural gas is our energy source for heating the hotel’s infrastructure and water. Not using oil fuel or diesel reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Hotel BLOOM! uses environmental-friendly green electricity. Although more expensive, it further reduces CO2 emissions. One of the reasons we obtained the certificate of renewable energy.
  • We also frequently use energy-efficient lamps and LED lighting.
  • Internal policies, such as daily rounds to turn off all lights and airco in unoccupied rooms, reduce our energy consumption. Foot power to cut electrical power!
  • The use of airco is limited by an automatic clock-system.
  • Our refrigerating machinery operates with CFCs that are less damaging for the ozone layer.


  • All cleaning and washing products used in the hotel are safe and non-aggravating for the environment.
  • The fats (in waste water) are filtered by special trays and collected by a registered firm. The firm then destroys them in an environment friendly way and the trays are treated with enzymes.


  • Lamp bulbs, batteries and electrical devices are collected by Recupel.
  • Paint and products alike are collected in containers.
  • Paper, carton, glass and remainder waste get collected separately.
  • All offices, guest rooms and meeting & events spaces feature special recycling bins, separating paper, PMD and residual waste.

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