Expo: Asterix in Belgium

The Belgian Comic Strip Center presents a temporary exhibition, starting on June 1st. Asterix in Belgium is named after the comic book of the same name, the 24th volume of the Asterix series by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). It is noted as the last Asterix story from Goscinny, who died during its production.

Caesar, after fighting the Belgians, declares them the bravest enemies he has ever faced. In the comic book Goscinny and Uderzo, two French authors who started their career together in 1951 in Belgium, explore the habits and morals of the Belgians. They picture the emergence of the city of Brussels and of courier services, and of course lots of fries and ‘waterzooi’ – typical belgian dishes – are on the menu in the book.


The expo is a playful and fun discovery of the comic book in Dutch, French and English. There’s a special edition of the album, with an extra 16 pages that have never been published before. Fans can also buy a luxury album in extra large size, containing a 30 pages ‘making of’, reproductions of Uderzo’s illustrations and a synopsis by Goscinny.

Especially for this exhibition, Manneken Pis will be dressed as Obelix starting on May 31st!


  • When: 1 June 2007 – 3 Sept 2017
  • Opening hours: every day from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Where: Belgian Comic Strip Center, 20 rue des Sables, B-1000 Brussels
  • More info on how to get there: click here
  • www.comicscenter.net


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