Summertime at Botanique! Get 1 free ticket!

At Hotel BLOOM! we have the chance to be located just next to the wonderful Botanique: a cultural centre dedicated to musical discoveries and art demonstrations. It’s a place full of passion with a rich agenda to please everyone!

From June 22nd until August, 20th the Botanique is pleased to welcome a surprising exhibition called:  Fabulous failures – The art of embracing serendipity and mistakes.

Here is the topic:

Nowadays most art, design and photography is portraying perfection. Contemporary popular culture is drowning under a tidal wave of superficiality and over-perfection. Posed, polished and controlled. As if it were a reflection of our endless search for clarity and calmness and an antidote for the chaos in our lives. Technology allows us to refine the desired illusion of perfection even more.

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Luckily failing is something artists and photographers take as a subject for their work. This exhibition shows a large overview of the best Fabulous Failures found in contemporary art, design and photography, made by a group of artists that like to fight perfection, embrace serendipity and search for fabulous failures!

Be among the lucky ones and get 1 ticket free if you book at Hotel BLOOM! a stay for 2 this summer!

See you there! 🙂

Practical information

  • Where : Botanique, Rue Royale, 236, 1210, Brussels
  • When : Wednesdays to Sundays : 12:00 – 20:00 (From June, 22nd to August, 20th)

For more information, click here!

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