7 Tips to stay focused at work

Trouble focusing at work? Sometimes we don’t realize how much time we can lose at work because… 2 min, 5 min, 10 min… it could go to over an hour.

Because staying focused is in your hands, we propose you some tips that could help you 🙂

  1. Routine is boring: try to find what you do inspiring and fun.
  2. Make yourself comfortable and don’t be distracted with discomfort.
  3. Organize your desk: only have the things you need so you can grab the things without losing focus time.
  4. Drink water: it’s healthy and it refresh you as well.
  5. Bring snacks to work and make sure they are within arm’s reach too.
  6. Make a daily “to-do” list: it helps you to organize better your time, to be even more productive and prioritize your task.
  7. Stay away from social networking sites: discipline yourself and don’t stay longer than planned.

Remember: It’s about finding the right techniques, knowing your priorities, and sticking to them.

Good luck! 🙂



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