How to reduce waste during your event or meeting?

Since Hotel BLOOM! got the green key, we provide good advice to encourage companies to reduce waste during their event.

Here are some tips to avoid needless waste:

  • Use technology to reduce paper waste at your meeting
  • If you need printed materials, use recycled paper
  • Print conference material on double-sided paper that is recycled.
  • Ask speakers to use an overhead projector to present material instead of using a flip chart or hand-outs.
  • Choose decoration and display materials that can be reused or recycled.

Picture from Pixabay

  • Don’t order food that is not likely to be consumed by the majority or is not well-known.
  • Re-evaluate dessert (about 60% of dessert get wasted)
  • Drink from a reusable mug or water bottle
  • Share eco-minded ideas with your attendees/coworkers
  • Have an annual employee training workshop to keep employees informed about reuse and recycling policies and procedures.

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