Curator Denis Maksimov spoke over breakfast at Hotel BLOOM! with April resident of the Penthouse Art Residency Jason Gringler, who transformed his impressions of Brussels into multimedia collages during the first weeks of April.

DM: What are you working on / researching at the moment? 

J: My work is predominantly based in failure.  I use industrial materials as a stand in for the painted gesture.  I am interested in cultivating an aesthetic of violence through the recycling of material to allow for unmannered mark-making within a regimented and heavily rule-based studio practice. Recently, I have become interested in the monochrome (mostly because of its reductive nature and thus decreasing the time spent making decisions). Mistakes made during fabrication (using steel, glass and epoxy) become the expressive mark making I have been simultaneously investigating in previous bodies of work using destructive gestures and recycling.

Jason Gringler. Collage 6. 8.5 x 11 inches. Photos, paint, spray enamel, aluminum tape, paper, glue. Courtesy of the artist.

DM: What is the next project you have in mind? 

J: I just finished (re)mounting a large scale installation from 2012 at König Galerie in Berlin and I am working on a proposal for a public art project in Hollywood that will see some of my studio interests expanded in scale quite substantially.

DM: How did you find the time you spent here: what excited you the most and will motivate you to come again?

J: I had a great time in Brussels.  The community is extremely open and welcoming.  I visited as many private collections as time allowed and am certainly looking forward to potential exhibitions in the future.

Jason Gringler. Collage 5. 8.5 x 11 inches. Photos, paint, spray enamel, aluminum tape, paper, glue. Courtesy of the artist.

DM: Do you have particular ideas for the future projects in Brussels after your residency in the Penthouse?

J: It would be valuable to spend more time in Brussels, perhaps 6 months to a year as 13 days was barely enough to scratch the surface.  I would like to produce work in this environment allowing the more industrial areas of the city to affect my output.

DM: What would be the project you would love to realise if only you had unlimited resources?

If I had unlimited resources I would further develop my online curatorial interests in to a physical space and collection.

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