Penthouse Art Residency hosts BACK OFFICE

It’s coming soon! 🙂

Friday 6th of October the Penthouse Art Residency hosts a brand new exhibition: BACK OFFICE.

Look out on the Botanique gardens; look out on the towers of the Ministry of Finance and on banks buildings. The loophole is circumscribed within defined limits. Back to the office.

For this first exhibition in the Penthouse of the Hotel BLOOM!, Laurent de Meyer and Gatien du Bois chose to highlight works for which they saw, read, perceived an element of “back office”:

  • A set of activities, supports, controls, usually at the back, part of the perk, the bottom, the process.
  • A set of facts and gestures normally removed from their gaze but which serve as support for the work or the practice of the artist.

What is their interest?

  • They are interested in what is not usually shown
  • Or in the thing the artist seeks precisely to show in a different process than usual while being significant in his/her work or even sometimes being the essence of the latter
  • Without falling within the scope of the accident or the experiment

Unlike in the finance world, what they put forward is not to be ranked among the low level activities. What appears to be relegated to the periphery overflows to make sense and add to the complexity of the works presented.

We then have gathered works by: Claire Andrzejczak, Mélanie Berger, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Laura Hecker, Will Kerr, Maëlle Maisonneuve, Jimmy Ruf and Océane Vallot.


OPENING: Friday 6 October from 6pm

EXHIBITION is open on 7, 8 and 15 October from 2 pm to 6 pm and by appointment.

Address: Hotel BLOOM!, 9th floor, 250 rue Royale, 1210 Brussels

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