Rain in Brussels: survival guide

Your feet are wet, your hair goes all curly and you have soaked jeans… You probably get the symptoms: it’s raining cats and dogs outside! Unfortunately, this happens from time to time in our lovely Brussels. But hey, don’t be sad and certainly don’t let your stay in the city be ruined by some poor raindrops. Because there are lots of remedies for the rain in Brussels!

Rain Brussels shopping

Go to a shopping mall

Retail therapy is often said to be the best kind of therapy… So don’t hesitate to take off for a healing shopping spree in Brussels! The city has many cosy, dry malls where you can shop till you drop:

  • Woluwe Shopping Center (Rue St. Lambert 200, 1200 Brussels, www.thewshopping.be)
  • City 2 (Nieuwstraat 123, 1000 Brussels, www.city2.be)
  • Galeries Louise (Louizalaan 32, 1050 Brussels)
  • Docks Bruxsel (Lambermontlaan 1, 1000 Brussels, www.docksbruxsel.be)
  • Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (Galerie du Roi 5, 1000 Brussels, www.grsh.be)
  • Passage du Nord (Nieuwstraat 40, 1000 Brussels, www.passagedunord.be)

See a movie

Rain in Brussels means the perfect occasion to go see a movie. If you love Hollywood movies and mainstream flicks, you can go to one of these places:

  • Kinepolis (Eeuwfeestlaan 20, 1020 Brussels, www.kinepolis.be)
  • Cinema Galeries (Koninginnegalerij 26, 1000 Brussels, www.galeries.be)
  • UGC De Brouckère (Place de Brouckère 38, 1000 Brussels, www.ugc.be)
  • UGC Toison d’Or (Avenue de la Toisin d’Or 8, 1050 Brussels, www.ugc.be)

Apart from these ‘bigger cinémas’ Brussels also has a number of independent and art house movie theaters that go far beyond the Hollywood blockbusters and offer a huge variety of independent and foreign films: Vendome, Cinema Nova, Cinematek… You can check them here.

Rain in Brussels spa

Relax to the max

If the rain forces you to stay inside, you might as well seize the opportunity to do absolutely nothing and relax to the max! It’s the perfect moment to go to a wellness center in Brussels. For an unforgettable spa break, we highly recommend the Deep Nature Brussels Spa, which is 600m² entirely dedicated to your well-being. If you book our Just Relax package, you get access to this highly luxurious and sophisticated urban spa with sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, pool… It’s only 2 metro stops away from Hotel BLOOM! or 15 minutes by car. The rain in Brussels will make you totally ‘zen’!

Visit a museum

Rain in Brussels? Don’t complain but consider it as a nice chance to cultivate yourself even more than you already are! How about getting lost in the maze of numerous fascinating, beautiful Brussels museums and discovering their current exhibitions? Small and big, classical and funny, arty and scientific: Brussels has more than 150 museums that you can visit while it’s raining. Not bad, eh? You get a handy overview of all Brussels’ museums on the website of Visit Brussels.

Rain in Brussels food

Rain in Brussels? Bon appétit!

When it’s wet and cold outside, you have a very good reason to indulge in good food and drinks. Because that just makes you happy, right? Let’s give you some handy tips for restaurants and bars in Brussels so that you don’t get lost because the city has so many nice places:

Rainy Brussels with kids

When they have to stay inside because it’s raining, your little darlings can get seriously restless. To avoid any kind of drama, you can take them to the movies (see above) or to a kids-proof museum in Brussels, of which there are many:

For an overview of all other fun stuff to do with your children, you can have a look at the Visit Brussels site.

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