Kalakuta Republik is a choreography project based on the music of Fela Kuti and freely inspired by his life.

“I just want to do my part and leave … Not for what they’re going to remember you for, but for what you believe in as a man.” (Fela Kuti)

Fela is a completely unique artist: a huge desire for freedom, a sulfurous lifestyle, political conscience engraved in his body and his absolutely original musicality, born form the mixing of Africa and the Occident. His years spent in London, and then the United States allowed him to take the step back necessary to reach a fine understanding of the African continent and the political chess game that was really being played. Visionary, his ideas and his art are still today radically modern and completely resonate with current affairs.

Fela’s personality, his political commitment in Nigeria, contrasted country with a rich soil, widely coveted, and a galloping misery, the lively modernity of his work are ideal starting points for a larger questioning.

What is an artist’s place in society? What is the responsibility for the one that through his creation carries a committed voice?

How, in a world that changes rapidly and creates fear and turning on oneself, do you bring about an opening of consciousness to what’s different?

This show will take place at Les Halles de Schaerbeek

  • ME 15.02 — 20:00
  • JE 16.02 — 20:00
  • VE 17.02 — 20:00

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