February 2017 resident Sina Hensel (DE) joined the curator Denis Maksimov for the traditional conversation over the delicious breakfast at Hotel BLOOM!

Courtesy of Sina Hensel

DM: What are you working on / researching at the moment?

SH: At the moment i’m thinking a lot about the question of the autonomy of an artwork. I think I don’t believe in the idea of artworks as autonomous and independent objects. In my work at least their existence and also their  meaning are always strongly connected to the physical space in/for which they were created. For instance: During my stay at the residency I produced some works which I never would have been produced outside the Penthouse. Everything can be seen as an influence then: the colors dominating the workspace, the present materials, the soundscapes the room „produces“ and of course the people you share the studio with. So I understand my work more like a documentation of a state/a condition – the nature of an artwork is always impermanent, as well as interdependent.

DM: What is the next project you have in mind?

SH: I’m not really working project-to-project, but during the next weeks I’ll have to think a bit about some works I did in the Penthouse. I started to experiment a little with media I usually don’t use and I want to see where that goes. Also it was an intense time, sharing the space with Emeline. I didn’t know her before but meeting each other was a lucky coincidence since we certainly share some parallels in our practices. Besides that I’m currently preparing the next exhibitions, for example a show for a residency program I did last year in Scotland.

DM: How did you find the time you spent here: what excited you the most and will motivate you to come again?What art institutions/galleries/spaces in Brussels you find the most interesting to visit and why?

SH: I chose to move to Brussels a bit more than 1 year ago. What I really like is that the city is really embracing all kinds of art. Maybe it can get a little wonky in terms of quality but I don’t mind too much. There are a lot of institutions, galleries and artspaces I like. I have just seen the exhibition of Fred Sandback at Greta Meert which I enjoyed a lot. Of course there are many prominent galleries, who work with these famous artists and I like to have the possibility to take a look at their artworks. But still, as a young artist, I’m also very interested in what happens in small art spaces, in exhibitions that take place aside from the established artscene, they often inherit a good energy which I like a lot.

DM: What would be the project you would love to realise if only you had unlimited resources?

SH: If I had unlimited ressources of time and money, I would love to open up an art space together with some of my artist-friends. I had this idea for a long time now and last year I finally started the search for a space but in the end there was just too much other stuff on my schedule. It would demand quite a lot of my attention and energy, so sadly I had to put that plan on hiatus. But I’ll definitely come back to it when I have some more time again!

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