How to Speak in Public? 8 Tips

Speak in public? Whatever the situation is, for some people speaking in public becomes stressful.
For those who want to feel confident and prepared when they have to speak in public at events, conference or meetings there you go 8 tips to succeed! 🙂
  1. Know your topic: the better you know the topic you talk about the less chance you have to loose yourself during the presentation.
  2. Be positive: imagine that your presentation will be fine. Positive thoughts always help.
  3. Be organized: plan carefully the information you want to present.
  4. Practice and more practice: it will help you to feel confident during the presentation.
  5. Speak clearly: it will help the public to follow the presentation.
  6. Focus on your presentation, not the audience.
    Photo: Pixabay

    Photo: Pixabay


  7. Do not be afraid of silences: take the advantage to breath.
  8. Recognize your success:congratulate yourself for the work you did


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