“Days Without Meat”: vegetarian restaurants in Brussels

From 1 March to 15 April, “Dagen Zonder Vlees” (in English: “Days Without Meat”) focuses on the positive impact of vegetarianism on the environment. The campaign aims at raising awareness of the fact that vegetarian food is healthy and very diverse. There are so many veggie alternatives for meat that are super tasty and colorful. Brussels has lots of good vegetarian restaurants. Here’s an overview of 10 top veggie spots, lots of them being organic/vegan-friendly as well.

Veggie restaurants Brussels

Henri & Agnes, Brussels

  • Moon Food: self-service raw vegan cafe near Brussels Central Station. Offers salads and wraps, all organic and gluten-free. Rue des Colonies 58, Brussels.
  • Bar Recyclart: breakfast, lunch & bar. Serves meat but at least one vegetarian/vegan option available as well. Has organic and/or fairtrade drinks. Rue des Ursulines 25, Brussels.
  • EXKi: health food concept international chain shop with many spots in Brussels. Grab ‘n go sandwiches and salads with all ingredients listed. Check the website for all addresses
  • Henri & Agnes: small health food lunch room that uses organic and seasonal vegetables. The plat du jour is an “assiette de legumes”, containing of vegetables withthe option to add meat or cheese. Rue Veronese 48, Brussels.
  • Marché Bio Des Tanneurs: organic market located in an ancient warehouse selling mostly fruits and veggies, also wine, oil, nuts and cereals, drinks etc. Rue des Tanneurs 60, Brussels.
Veggie restaurants Brussels

Les 4 Jeudis, Brussels

  • Les 4 Jeudis: vegan, organic and gluten-free restaurant in the European District. Lunch, tea & cake in the afternoon. Rue du Marteau 36A, Brussels.
  • AMI: vegetarian place with burgers, salads, soups and sandwiches. Vegan options available as well. Rue Lesbroussart 13, Brussels.
  • Ai 6 Angoli: traditional pizzeria that also offers many veggie and vegan options. Even vegan cheese available! Rue de la Croix de Pierre 43, Brussels.
  • The Little Green Shop: concept store flower shop and 100% vegan/vegetarian lunch spot from Monday to Friday. Offers a brunch buffet during the weekend. Chaussee d’Alsemberg 314, Brussels.
  • Aub – Svp: small place with an open kitchen so you can watch your food being prepared and chat with the chef. Menu changes daily according to what’s in season and what the chef feels like cooking. There’s always a vegetarian menu available, sometimes even vegan. Schildknaapstraat 36, Brussels.
Veggie restaurants Brussels

Aub-Svp Brussels

Have you been to one of these restaurants yet? What’s your favorite veggie spot in Brussels? Let us know!

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